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Mobile Fighter G Gundam - RG 1/144 God Model Kit

Mobile Fighter G Gundam - RG 1/144 God Model Kit

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Gundam RG 1/144 God Model Kit


From "Mobile Fighter G Gundam", "God Gundam" appears in RG! Pursuing the largest range of motion in the history of RG by incorporating the human body structure as a test of the actual machine!

  • Pursue movements that trace the human body unique to mobile fighters.
  • With the advanced MS joints introduced in the shoulders and wrists, you can reproduce the characteristic "arms crossed" pose.
  • Introduced a mechanism that allows the body to move back and forth and left and right. Equipped with a stretchable gimmick on the shoulder, ensuring a range of motion on the side.
  • We adopt movable structure of 3 axes to neck. Movements such as pulling the chin and pushing the face forward are possible.
  • The stretch and contraction of the muscles that occur in the human body when the knees are bent is expressed by denting a part of the back thigh parts. It adopts a shaft that the knee armor sinks into, and reproduces the movement of the human body.
  • A new mechanism has been adopted for the movement of the feet, and it is possible to put the feet on the ground while spreading the legs almost horizontally.
  • Multi-stage movement from the chest to the waist, and by introducing a slide mechanism to the hip joint, it is possible to kick up the leg while flipping up the waist front armor.
  • The movable shaft at the base of the fin allows the fin to move backwards.
    Equipped with a movable axis on the base of the nail and the thumb cover to reproduce the god finger.
  • Original arranged sun effect is included.


Recommended Age Group: 15+ years 

Manufacturer: Bandai

Box Size & Weight: approx. 31 x 19 x 8cm / 440g

* Please note that images shown may differ from the final product.


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