Pre-Order Policy

When pre-ordering items, please be aware that a 30% non-refundable deposit is required. This is due to the fact that pre-orders require us to commit to stock months in advance, including all costs associated with ordering, shipping and storage of stock, even if the buyer later cancels their order.

Once the stock has arrived and processed through our office, a final invoice for the remainder of the item/s prices will be sent, PLUS shipping.  The buyer will have 7 days from the issue of the invoice to finalise payment.

Release Dates
Release dates are approximate and subject to change. Our Australian release date for items may differ from other countries’ release dates, either due to the manufacturers’ schedule or the realities of international shipping.

Postage & Shipping
Shipping quotes are unavailable for pre-order items due to lack of information on product dimensions and weight. Shipping options will become available when the item/s have been processed through our warehouse and any outstanding shipping charge must be paid at that time.