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Mashin Hero Wataru - HG AMPLIFIED - IMGN Ryuoumaru Model Kit [Pre-Order] (NOV 2024)

Mashin Hero Wataru - HG AMPLIFIED - IMGN Ryuoumaru Model Kit [Pre-Order] (NOV 2024)

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Mashin Hero Wataru - HG AMPLIFIED - IMGN Ryuoumaru Model Kit

Release date is approximate and subject to change.
Release Date: NOV / DEC 2024

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  • Please be aware that there will be a 30% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit payment at the time of the Pre-Order -- This is to secure your item from the manufacturer. The remaining balance will be due when the item arrives.
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Ryuoumaru from "Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru" has been made into a High Grade model kit by Bandai! The "HG Amplified IMGN" series imagines new arrangements based on the concept of a plastic model kit, and amplies the charm of the characters. This kit's posability takes advantage of his long limbs; the forehead can be built with or without a pattern. Gloss injection molding and gold-plated parts are used to express a vivid texture; the blade of the Horyuken is gold-plated, and the original design pattern is reproduced with 3D metallic stickers. The scabbard shield is equipped with an opening and closing gimmick for the Phoenix form, and it can also store the Horyuken. The Ryuoumaru can transform into its Houou form, and a PET effect sheet is included for the Houou form! Attach the Dragon Claw on the shoulder to the included base to reproduce the Ryuga Fist! Order this incredible mech for your own collection today!


  • Horyu sword
  • Sheath shield
  • PET sheet for effects (x1 set)
  • Base
  • Joint parts for base
  • Stickers
  • 3D metallic stickers


Manufacturer: Bandai

Box Size & Weight: TBA

* Please note that images shown may differ from the final product.

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