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Gundam MG 1/100 Virtue Model Kit

Gundam MG 1/100 Virtue Model Kit

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Gundam MG 1/100 Virtue Model Kit


From "Mobile Suit Gundam 00", the Gundam Virtue piloted by Tieria Arde joins the MG lineup!

  • Pursuing the structure to the limit, realizing the conversion to Gundam Nadle, which is also the biggest feature.
  • Armor can be attached and detached based on the image of the setting. The lining parts create a sense of density and layering.
  • Each part hatch can be slid to reproduce the GN field deployment state.
  • The GN cables on the legs use resin parts with hologram processing.
  • The gun barrels of the GN cannons on both shoulders are telescopic and can be moved to the upper part of the machine to recreate the attack form.
  • The cord part, which is a feature of Nadre, has a multi-layered structure that applies figure modeling technology to create detailed expressions.
  • Nadle's exclusive shield, GN beam rifle, and effects are included.
  • In addition to the GN Drive, a solar furnace is also included as a bonus part.
  • In addition to the pilot suit, a 1/100 scale figure of Tieria in a dress is included.

Recommended Age Group: 15+ years 

Manufacturer: Bandai

Box Size & Weight: 32cm x 59cm x 12cm, approx. 1.345kg

* Please note that images shown may differ from the final product.


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