Partnership with Scary Doll Pop Culture

Ladies & Gentlemen, we have some exciting news:
Since Supanova Gold Coast 2021, we have been in negotiations with our BFF at Scary Doll Pop Culture. We are now happy to announce that from 28th June 2021 we will be affiliated and partners with Scary Doll Pop Culture!
What does this mean going forward?
Well, for one, we will be attending more conventions together — including intestate ones! Look out Sydney, you guys are at the top of our list.
Secondly, MJL Anime will have an actual dedicated section inside Scary Doll store down in the Gold Coast; no more trying to squeeze into 2x tiny display cabinets. That also means store pick-up from Scary Doll shop will become available online.
Keep watching this space, the will be more exciting announcements in the days to come!!!
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